paying the bills.

Since the job market here is horrendous, I’ve decided to take up freelance writing. It’s not like I’m doing much else. As I mentioned in a previous entry, Demand Media hired me back in November, but I didn’t feel as though I had time to write for them, plus, it didn’t seem like a “real” job. :/ It’s amazing how a few months of desperately seeking a regular source of income can lower one’s standards. I wrote my first article yesterday, and made $15 within an hour of submitting it. Not bad. I’ve lined up ten more articles to write this weekend, and if they’re all approved, I will have made just under $200 in less than a week. Since I am pretty adept at writing, I might as well take full advantage of this opportunity.

Another reason why I was so hesitant to start writing for them is that I’m completely lazy when it comes to writing. Completely and unabashedly lazy. This is the primary reason I’ve been a major hack at blogging over the years. I just don’t like feeling obligated to do it, even if it’s my outlet. I love writing, but it has to be about something *I* am interested in, that I can write about on my own time, in my own time, and not have to conform to any rigid editorial guidelines, which, Demand Media expects of its writers. Of course. I suppose that most people don’t like having something they love become subject to someone else’s standards, but if that “someone else” is paying you for your time, you’ll find a way to cope. I’m choosing to focus on the benefits. My writing skills will improve, and, I’ll able to  pay my immediate bills and save money for traveling. Or move into my own place on the French Riviera.

Regarding the big move abroad…I’m still looking for places to go. Morocco is my first choice. I want to go somewhere with a rich culture and simple way of living. Life here in the US can get a little convoluted with our dependence on technology, ambitions, and focus on ourselves, and developing nations such as Morocco don’t have those issues. It does, however, have a major problem with patriarchy and gender discrimination. Unaccompanied women are fair game for Moroccan men to harass in the markets. From what I’ve read of many womens’ personal accounts, most of the harassment is limited to catcalls and mental undressing, which is bad, but not bad enough to keep me away. For the rest, there is mace and my right hook.

Although Morocco is my first choice, my chances of getting to go there are looking a limited. The director of the NGO in Rabat has yet to approve me for an internship. I don’t know when she plans to make a decision about it. The deadline was a week ago today, so I guess she’s just busy and will let me know when she has a chance. In the mean time, I’m looking for other opportunities. I thought I might be able to teach English in Morocco, but the reputable language schools require a certification and a minimum of one year of experience teaching English abroad. The certification courses range from $500-$3,000, and considering that teaching would be a side gig to keep me in the country, I quickly abandoned the idea. My career goal is to become an attorney, not an educator. So, having exhausted every possibility in Morocco, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of working and living there for the time being. I suppose I could just move there, anyway, as the cost living is extremely low, and foreigners are generally well, but I’d like to have an actual reason for being there aside from wanting to be there.

So the search continues. No big. I will find the right opportunity eventually.



One thought on “paying the bills.

  1. It must suck to feel so trapped. 😦

    What kinds of articles do you write for that company? Do they just give you a list of things to write about and then you write them and they pay you? Odd! (to me). That sounds like fun unless you do run into the rut of not wanting to write about something you aren’t interested in.

    You can always go to China! I hear all you need is a college degree or something, haha. But watch out, Chinese people are scary mofos. They’re tiny, but ninja-like.

    I know it sounds a little too candy-coated, but even with all the downsides, I still believe life happens the way it’s supposed to happen, so if it’s not now or things don’t occur the way they are supposed to occur (or how you want it to) then it’ll be alright. You’ll find out soon enough, right?

    Posted by Judy | March 30, 2010, 9:55 am

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