before julia roberts ruins it for me.

I’m making this post for posterity, because the second Julia Roberts’ new movie “Eat, Pray, Love” hits theaters, people will be accusing me of copying her character with my desire to go abroad. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Julia Roberts. I’ve seen her most of her movies. I’ve even watched stuff her brother has done over the years, even though he’s not half as good as she is, and I know I will love this movie. However, since most Americans have an annoying tendency to mimic what they see on television and in movie theaters, my plan to see the world this year will 1) lose credibility faster than it should and 2) not be that unique. I can just see people giving me withering looks and saying things like, “Oh, you saw that Julia Roberts movie”, “You know that was just a movie, right?”, and “You’re not Julia Roberts!”, etc. Even though this adventure is three years in the making, anyone who hears me say I want to see the world will automatically think I’m silly.

And who can blame them? The same thing happened with Sex and the City. Many women in their twenties and thirties wanted to be the next Carrie Bradshaw, and started writing sex-centered blogs (Exhibit A) and pseudo-sex columns in their campus newspapers (Exhibit B), because, the true hallmark of sexual equality is being able to constantly talk about sex publically, right?  Not only did  they start openly discussing sex toys, men, and their own sexual exploits, they modified their own personalities so they could pretend to be as carefree and uninhibited as Samantha, as demure as Charlotte, as sarcastic as Miranda, and analytical and intellectual as Carrie. I should know. I’ve been friends with quite a few Carries over the years. Most of these women thought that by rolling all four characters into one persona, they’d become femme fatales with hordes of male admirers who would cater to their every whim. What most of them ended up becoming was used up tramps, with hordes of people thinking they had multiple personalities.

While nothing that drastic will happen to me upon announcing my intentions, I don’t expect any less credulity. Most people will either give me a look and/or say I’m nuts, or while others will cite this movie as the source of my inspiration. I’m not saying the movie, which is based on a true story, will have the same level of influence the SATC franchise has had, but rather enough people will see it and go “Hm” when I talk about what I’d like to do. Then again, why should I care what other people think? I have to live my life according to what makes me happy, even if others disapprove. I’ve had this attitude for years, but never really pushed it into my everyday life until last year. My give a damn is busted. 😀

As for the movie, I think everyone should see it. It’s based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoirs, a book that’s been on my Good Reads “To Read” list for a hot minute. I will be reading it shortly. Here’s the trailer:



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