the cost of doing what you want.

I’ve finally gotten around to researching the costs of my trip to Marrakesh, and though it’s a little steep, is completely doable. Still, I have to raise the money on my own, either by fund raising or working. The freelance writing helps, because I can do as little or as much as I want, plus, I can continue to write once I’ve actually left the country. Fortunately, I know how to live and travel on the cheap, and  hope my     skills won’t let me down as I prepare for this excursion. I have yet to come up with a budget (on paper), but don’t think it will be too terribly difficult. I say that with guarded enthusiasm, because I’ve rarely stuck to a budget. The difference this time is that I know how important this trip is to me, and that alone is my primary motivation.

What I have so far:

One-way ticket to Marrakesh : $1,279

Passport fees (w/photos): $120

Cost of round-trip ticket (Moving there and coming back for Christmas): $1692.25

What I have yet to figure out:

Travel insurance:


Necessities (i.e. sheets, first aid kit, clothing, etc.):

Traveling to Europe and Asia

Cost of one-way ticket for going back to Marrakesh after Christmas

Pet supplies (Morocco is full of cats and I will adopt one or two, trust me)

So far, it doesn’t look too bad. I have four months to raise the money for the initial move…I hope I can pull this off!



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