I made a long post that was quite entertaining, but when I attempted to insert the following photos, WORDPRESS LOST THE ENTRY. I am not typing that again. I don’t even know how it happened, but it did. :>O Stuff likes this makes me glad that I’ve settled on a domain name for this thing. I will be moving the site shortly. In the mean time, enjoy a few photos from my Shreveport trip.And yes, I did take a picture of my aunt and uncle’s cat licking herself down there. I thought she had stopped, and since she looked so cute curled up in a ball of fur and flab with her paw still in the air, I snapped a picture. Little did I know that she started again RIGHT AS I took the shot. LOL. And, I don’t know what’s up with East Texas cowboys riding with their feet sticking out of moving vehicles. Can someone explain this?



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