freebie with a cause.

The Hunger Site

In college, I was involved with several campus organizations, but one of my favorites was Amnesty International. We worked with the regional office in Oklahoma City to promote equality and raise awareness of various human rights crises around the world. It was during that time that I came across The Hunger Site, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating global hunger and poverty. Since my days of working with Amnesty and the International Rescue Committee, I’ve remained somewhat involved in human rights advocacy, and have tried to get others to get involved as well. Right now, if you join The Hunger Site’s newsletter, they will send you a nifty gel bracelets much like those Lance Armstrong made popular in 2004. I thought those things would die out, but they haven’t. Anyway, hop on over to TheHungerSite.com, and click on “Register and get a gift”. THS will send you that bracelet free of charge, and while it’s not required, I encourage you to make a donation, or buy some merchandise. All proceeds go to support various charitable causes, such as earthquake relief and feeding starving populations. If you have a blog or social media outlet, check out their “Free Ways Help” section. Click on the logo above to get started.



One thought on “freebie with a cause.

  1. I didn’t know anything about The Hunger Site! I am thoroughly interested in volunteering, giving back and non profit organizations that help you do so. Thanks for sharing!

    Now, I need to go and check out your food blog too!

    Posted by B. | May 25, 2010, 11:28 am

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