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still bitten.

I’ve spent the last two days looking at travel blogs, wondering when, if ever, I will get to go abroad. It’s a moot point for now, as I’m perpetually cash-strapped and have specific obligations that will keep me stateside for a few more months, but I’m still eager to go out and see the world. Having focused a significant part of my undergraduate studies on international affairs, it’s quite ironic that I haven’t traveled or lived anywhere further away than my beloved DC. That has to change.

I started this blog out of pure desire for international travel, and said I would make 2010 my year for travel. But, with the pressures of school and my only source of income being freelance writing, I tabled the idea. I turned my travel blog into a personal one, and added things that interest me and are completely unrelated to travel, hoping to erase my desire to go jet off to some foreign land. I thought I’d done a good job of “forgetting”, but alas, I visited my favorite travel blog out of boredom, and soon found myself fantasizing Until now. Since I am living at home rent-free for the time being, I might as well take advantage of it. I’d like to take a round-the world trip next year. Yeah, I said 2010 and all that, but it’s not possible. Next year is looking a lot better for it.



3 thoughts on “still bitten.

  1. What’s the address for the travel blog that you’re talking about? I would love to travel. But I know I can’t afford it, lol. I try to sneak in little weekend trips here and there though.

    Posted by Nicolah | June 2, 2010, 12:57 am

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