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a girl can Mac.

Or so I thought. I’ve been a Mac user for nearly two years now, and while I think Apple has a thing or ten thousand over on Microsoft, I am not impressed by the cost of the upkeep. My Macbook Pro, which was purchased two weeks before Apple rolled out the current model, has had so many issues in our short time together. I don’t know what it is. Sure, I can be kind of rough on it sometimes, but I’m generally good about not beating the crap out of it. Last December, I had to surrender it to a local Apple store because it had so many issues. Overheating, stalling, freezing, optical drive melting itself shut…you know, everything you don’t want your $2,300 computer to do. Granted, I did spill a beer on it right after I moved to DC, but I responded quickly enough that nothing was damaged. The keyboard was just crunchy for a month or so. No big. Anyway, the Apple Genius that was working with me on its issues ended up comping nearly $1,300 in repairs, more than half of what I paid for it. Not to sound ungrateful, but wouldn’t it have been easier (read: cheaper) to have just given me a new computer? :p I was without it for nearly two weeks, and when I got it back, was positive it would run more smoothly from there on out. I was wrong. I had to take it back in early January, because it was making odd whirring sounds, and they were getting louder daily. It turns out that the right fan was spazzing out for some unknown reason, and I was without it for another six days. Needless to say, I was an unhappy internet addict, but dealt with it because I wanted my computer to stop having issues. And it did, for a few months. Last week, I noticed that the base made hollow popping sounds whenever I rested my wrist on it, and a few days ago, discovered that the top case had started to come off. I managed to pop it back in, and thought that was the end of it. The popping sounds started up again tonight, and when I looked down, noticed that the bottom case was beginning to separate from the top case right above – wait for it – the optical drive. Panicking, I slipped a DVD into the drive, only to have it come flying back out at me twice. It’s broken…again.

I’m beyond frustrated at this point. Not only because my computer (the original one in a new outfit) is having the exact same issue it had before, but also has a little cosmetic issue that might prevent me from getting it repaired cost-free. See, a month or so ago, the display trim on the left side of the screen got a tiny nick. Don’t know how it happened, but it did. It was okay for awhile, but that nick turned into a cut, and the cut caught on some fabric, and well, a small piece of the trim is now missing from the top corner of the screen. Though that wasn’t caused by a drop, it looks like it was. How I’m going to explain this to Apple is beyond me. I’m betting on the fact that the screen is in perfect condition otherwise will help my case. I love Apple products, but they don’t love me. I don’t like paying for things when I’ve already spent money on a warranty.

I can’t bring myself to go back to that Apple store with this. I just can’t. My computer had a bit of a cosmetic issue last time that actually was my fault, on top of everything else that was wrong with it. What would they think this time around? “God, this girl sucks!”? I get the sneaking suspicion that they might just take it from me and make me go to Responsible Mac Ownership classes or something before they gave it back. Sigh. I’m calling Apple tomorrow, and hope that since this is the third time it’s had a major issue, they’ll replace it, or at least fix it without charging me.



4 thoughts on “a girl can Mac.

  1. haha, spilled beer. uh oh.

    i think they’ll help you out without talking badly about you after you leave. 😉

    Posted by TheBigShowAtUD | June 4, 2010, 11:57 am
  2. Goodness. After that first time, I would have just bought a new Macbook. Hopefully, once and for all, Apple is able to fix it.

    I’ve personally had no problems with Apple. I’ve had my Macbook for two years now, and it’s still purring like a kitten. Although soon, I’m upgrading the RAM. It still looks brand new (other then a few cosmetic flaws), since I’m OCD and clean it of dust each month. LOL.

    The only problems I’ve ever had were 1) a key popping out, thanks to my kitten jumping on my keyboard, and 2) replacing a defective battery, but Apple replaced my battery for free, and fixed my key with no problem. However, I’ve had to replace my iPod Touch, because I had a hard drive failure. Haha.

    Posted by Brandy | June 4, 2010, 7:21 pm
  3. Oh, and may I add, the day after I bought my Macbook… I spilled a strawberry margarita. Haha.

    Posted by Brandy | June 4, 2010, 7:22 pm


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