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vegas, baby.

My grandmother and I are heading to Las Vegas next week for a long overdue vacation. When I say “overdue”, I mean REALLY overdue. The last time we vacationed together was…um…we went to Sea World in San Antonio sometime in the mid-90s. I want to say it was in 1996. That’s the last family vacation I can remember. :/ Everything else since then has been somewhat local…trips to Shreveport, trips to Tyler, etc. We generally follow our own interests when it comes to taking time off. She likes to stay within a 1500 mile radius of Texas. I like to get as far away as possible. Our travel styles and preferences couldn’t be anymore different. This Vegas trip is changing that, though.

She’s been there several times. I’ve never been. I don’t know why, but I’ve tended to travel east instead of west. The western half the United States does hold various interests for me, but I’ve never managed to go out there. Everyone needs to go to Vegas at least once, for the shows if not for the gambling (and prostitutes).

I have a few friends in California who would like to see me at some point. I’m determined to make it to San Francisco before September, because a good friend of mine currently living there is moving to Bahrain then and I won’t get to see her until she gets back next year. I’d like to check out L.A., to visit friends, and to scope out grad school options. It amazes me that as much as I talk about wanting to see the world, I’ve only seen roughly 20% of my homeland. That needs to change.

But anyway, back to the Vegas trip. I’m not a gambler, so I’ll have to find ways to occupy my time while my grandmother is hitting the slots. I don’t know what it is about old people and casinos, but man, she loves to go. I may hit a blackjack table or two, but for the most part, my money will be spent on souvenirs and entertainment.

I’m especially looking forward to visiting Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden. I never got the chance to see their show, but at least I still get to see their animals! I’m most excited about seeing the white lions. My grandmother saw their show several years ago, and bought me a book about the park and the animals. I thought the white lions were the most interesting. Like this guy: I mean, it’s the same cat, but white! And rare. White lions in the wild are poached for their ivory fur, which is such a shame. They’re so pretty. :/

Aside from park, I don’t have anything else planned. I’m looking for cheap stuff to do, since I am running on limited funds. Anyone have suggestions for places to visit?



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