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My travel resume needs some serious punching up. I think that if I’m going to be successful at this travel blogging/writing thing, maybe I should actually go somewhere? My Las Vegas trip was fun (somewhat), but I didn’t like how its story came out in the last entry.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t quite made the leap from personal blog to travel blog with this thing? I thought I could get away with linking my personal Twitter account to the blog, but all that is turn off a potential sponsor and alienate a few followers. I didn’t want to run two blogs in the beginning, but my “travel” blog doesn’t appear to be consistent or professional in its current state. The creation of a second domain is inevitable, if I want to seriously pursue this. Recipes, product reviews, and political musings have no place on a travel blog. I need to quit being lazy and migrate the personal stuff over to my personal domain, and purchase a standalone domain for this blog.

As for getting my miles in, I’m reaching out to different travel companies in the hopes of getting discounts and press trips that would help legitimize my blog. I desperately want to get this thing off the ground and I will begin a year of service with Americorps later this year, and hope to go abroad before that happens. While I will have some flexibility with this position, I won’t be able to spend weeks in different locales, happily blogging away. Being able to get away before the job starts is critical.

Maybe I should seek the guidance of more seasoned travel bloggers, such as Lindsay Clark from Nomadderwhere (you must see her site!), or Matt from Nomadic Matt. They’ve turned their wanderlust into a marketable skill, especially Matt. He lives off travel writing, quite comfortably, I might add. While I’m not sure if I want to become a permanent tourist, the idea of traveling the world and sharing my experiences does appeal to me.

I’m confused as to how to get started. Obviously, the first step is to go on more trips, but being as I currently depend on freelance writing, it’s not that easy. I think my project for this week will involve asking other travel bloggers for advice, and hoping one will take me under their wing.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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