checking in.

I’ve been a little MIA lately, aside from reviews and giveaways. My bad! Late July was just very busy for me, and now that things are calming down a bit, I can focus on blogging again! I have another giveaway with CSN that I will post later this week, as well as the review of the Oster blender I bought from them last month. I have no idea of when I’ll be able to post that…probably after I get the delivery issues sorted out with UPS. I’d love to finally try out my new blender and tell everyone it was as wonderful as I thought it would be, but UPS is holding things up. I returned the used one CSN sent me by mistake, only to have UPS scan it, remove the return label, and ship it back to me instead of CSN. What should have been a four-day turnaround has become a two-week nightmare. I’m not one for complaining, or writing letters to corporate headquarters, but UPS execs will be hearing from me shortly.

I’m unveiling the new site in September. I’d like to get the IT Cosmetics and the CSN giveaways taken care before I make the big move to eliminate any confusion. I’m really excited to finally start using it.

As for travel, I remain dedicated as ever, but I won’t get to do any serious traveling until 2011. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ll eventually move this to a domain as well, but one project at a time, I guess.

That’s it for me. Happy Tuesday!



One thought on “checking in.

  1. I’ll be waiting until 2011 then, can’t wait to see the new site

    Posted by phillisha Duffey | August 15, 2010, 6:27 pm

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