new blog features.

I’ve decided to keep this blog for what I originally intended…travel. Although I won’t get to go on the round-the-world trip of my dreams any time soon, I can still write about my love for travel, giving travel ideas and tips, and post photos of exotic locales, beautiful people, art, architecture, and anything else that appeals to me. I have a passion for travel, and I really want to share that with other people. If I can’t actually go anywhere (any time soon), I can at least talk about it, right?

Photo of the Day

Pretty self-explanatory. I will post a picture or two of interesting locations (foreign and domestic) every day. Feel free to send me a travel photo or two. I’d be happy to feature them.
From time to time, I will feature my fellow travel bloggers and globe trotters, sharing their stories, photos and tips. Who better to learn

City Guides
This will start off with US locations, as I have yet to travel outside of the US (that will change in 2011). I’m actually open to submissions from anyone who wants to share favorite spots or great hotels they found while traveling.

These are just plain fun. The majority of them will be travel-themed, but I will offer non-travel giveaway from time to time.

And that’s everything, for now. If you’re interested in contributing, get at me.



One thought on “new blog features.

  1. I’d love to contribute as I have done my fair share of world travel. Hope you are well 🙂

    Ms. Babe

    Posted by babeinsugarland | October 25, 2010, 7:29 pm

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