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potd: johannesburg, south africa.

Photo Courtesy: Place2Travel



Admittedly, Africa doesn’t hold much interest for me. I have no idea why, but aside from a few nations (Zanzibar, South Africa, Morocco, and Madgascar), I really have no interest in visiting what many scholars consider the birthplace of the human race (see: “Out of Africa” theory). Maybe I find the poverty, famine, and political instability off-putting.  Maybe there’s something there that I’m trying to subconsciously avoid. Maybe it’s because my Ethiopian ex-roommate was so crazy that the any thought of visiting Africa I had was killed by her crazy antics. :/ I keep thinking that I’ll eventually change my mind, that something will click and I will have a passion for seeing the place where my ancestors came from. While that particular epiphany has yet to happen, there are a few places in Africa that I would like to visit, namely Johannesburg, South Africa.

It’s one of the few industrialized cities in Africa, and is by far the most prolific. Anyone familiar with the death of apartheid, Archbishop Tutu’s activism, and Nelson Mandela’s leadership knows the history of this city and South Africa, and have come to respect how far it’s come in the last sixteen  years. It even played host to the FIFA World Cup last year, something many thought would never be possible, and others thought would be a complete disaster. South Africa proved everyone wrong on both accounts. It is still developing, as South Africa has long suffered from a high crime rate, but it’s still one of the world’s top destinations nonetheless.






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