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GoLite Travel Gear Giveaway Winner!

Hi all!

As always, I’m grateful for every single person who entered the giveaway. I really enjoy holding these contests, even though I only get to pick one person to win the prize. :sad face:

Moving on….I used the generator to pick a winner for me, and it chose (drum roll please):



And now that I’m browsing GoLite’s site, ohhhh my goodness. THEY HAVE SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. Favorites (so far) include:
– Castle Peak Zonal Insulated Parka in cement
– TraveLite Tote in coriander
– TraveLite Messenger Bag in black

I feel like I could keep going. This is just a start! Thanks a lot for introducing me to a new site to drool over…


Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to Kate! If you didn’t win, don’t fret. I have another giveaway coming up later this week!



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