Photo of the Day, Travel Note

travel note: havana, cuba.

Photo Courtesy: Picture Ninja

I have a slight obsession with Cuba. Or rather, the idea of visiting Cuba. Ever since I found the blog of noted Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez four years ago, I’ve wanted to see Cuba firsthand. My interest goes beyond vintage cars, luxury hotels, and authentic Cuban rum. I am particularly interested in the Cuban people. When most people go on vacation, they tend to avoid the less tourist-y areas in favor of things like snorkeling and horseback riding, but I specifically seek out the common experience and the impact 50 years of communism and an American embargo has had on Cuban citizens. Ms. Sanchez recently posted a piece regarding  the status of elderly Cuban residents. Without the support of nationalized assistance programs, most older Cubans work and earn meager salaries until the day they die. Few can spend their golden years in retirement. It’s stories like this one that inspire my travel ambitions, to an extent, and fuel my need to help people the world over.



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