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the weekender.

My weekends are never long enough. Ever. Not even the occasional three-day weekends that certain holidays bring are long enough for me, and I’m sure that I’m not alone on this. Everyone wishes their weekends were longer, especially when there’s traveling involved. I’m spending the weekend in Tulsa with relatives, and as this is my first opportunity to get away since my Vegas trip in July, I’m a little excited. Granted, I’d prefer to be headed to Paris right now, but such is life. Having lived in Oklahoma in college and taken the occasional trip there growing up, it’s definitely old hat for me now. Still, fun times will be had, I’m sure, and I may even stop by Bedré Chocolate in Pauls Valley.



A friend and I first found Bedré while lost on a road trip two years ago. It sells various kinds of fine chocolate, pastries, and  gifts, but it’s most famous for its chocolate potato chips, which are made onsite. The chips are very hard to describe, but  the word “delicious” comes to mind. They’re simply amazing, and hard to get at certain times of the day, and if you visit at the right time, you can actually watch Bedré’ staff making the chips and other desserts. If you’re ever in Pauls Valley, or in central Oklahoma and want a nice treat, Bedré is definitely the place to visit.

As for this weekend, it will be filled with a boring road trip, random hijinks, and spending way too much money.  Speaking of spending too much

money…maybe having short weekends isn’t so bad after all.





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