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the weekender, part 2.

Considering that my super short weekend trip was cut even shorter before it had a chance to begin, I’m in pretty good spirits.


There is an often overlooked but ever-present travel reality that I forgot to mention in The Weekender , or perhaps subconsciously didn’t want to talk about. I’m of course talking about having to change your plans at the last minute, or , as was the case with me, have to cancel your trip altogether.

It started innocently enough. The trip was supposed to be a  short but fun getaway for some friends and I. We were to spend the weekend in Tulsa, see some people we hadn’t seen in months, have dinner, go to a concert, and come back to Dallas on Sunday night. That’s the way it was to supposed to be, but as we all know, plans can go horribly, horribly wrong. There were some external factors that just prevented us from having the weekend we thought were going to have.  There was just a lot working against us, I think. Getting out of Dallas took twice as long as it should have, someone managed to leave her phone at home, and the driver got a call from her employer about needing additional help with a project on Saturday afternoon. Oy.

Our trip to Tulsa just wasn’t meant to be, but being the turning-negatives-into-positives types that we are, we stopped in Durant, Oklahoma, and spent a few hours at Choctaw Casino and Hotel.  We had dinner and drinks at the hotel’s popular steakhouse, 1832, and I went shopping while the others headed to the casino. I’m not one for spending money and having nothing to show for it, and as I am not good at gambling, I opted for shopping and sitting in the hotel’s coffee shop. A few hours later, we were back on the road to Dallas, still annoyed about having to change our plans, but glad that we got away, even for a few hours.

Part of mastering the travel experience is gaining the ability to keep your cool and being flexible when your plans fall through, especially when another opportunity presents itself. I hadn’t planned on spending time in Durant, but it was better than having to go home without having spent quality time with my friends.




One thought on “the weekender, part 2.

  1. That can definitely be frustrating when things don’t go as planned. I try to prepare myself for the unexpected, but sometimes I still get bummed. I know what you mean about wasting money on gambling. I’m the same way. For me, gambling is the same as me throwing money into the trash. :/

    Posted by Christy @ Ordinary Traveler | January 31, 2011, 6:56 pm

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