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how to suck the fun out of planning a trip.

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I have a few trips coming up, and as much I love to travel, I’m finding that as I try to plan them, I get very overwhelmed and frustrated. I have no idea why this is happening, but it is. I’m going to Vegas with friends at the end of June, as well as traveling abroad to volunteer this fall (more on this in another post!). While the volunteering trip is mostly about business and learning something new, the Vegas trip is supposed to be purely about fun, or as I like to call it, “ratchetness”. It could be that I’m unwilling to leave most aspects of the trips to chance, instead trying to figure out every single detail before I ever set foot on a plane.

And that, my friends, is how you suck the fun out of planning a trip.

Some would argue that the trip itself is where the fun lies, a reward of planning carefully and living frugally for a few months, but anticipation and finding fun things to do ahead of time are part of that fun, in my opinion. I have high hopes for my Vegas trip, especially since I didn’t have such a great time when I was there last July. I’ve been researching a potential itinerary (read: doing 10,000 Google searches every half hour), trying to find activities that will let me make the most of the few days I’ll be there.  I don’t know why I can’t just trust my friends to find fun things for me to do, or why I’m expecting this trip to be perfect. I suppose that since I rarely get to go anywhere these days, I’d like for my travel to be worthwhile, and I’m certain I’m not alone on that.

If I had any idea as to how to stop sucking the fun out of planning a trip, I would gladly share it, but I don’t. If anything, this post serves as a guide on how to do the opposite. Relax and try to enjoy planning your trip, but be willing to leave some parts of it to chance. It might be those random, unplanned segues that end up making the trip a great one.

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One thought on “how to suck the fun out of planning a trip.

  1. I think its also smart not to overthink it too much. Love this post! Looking forward to more of your adventures.

    Posted by Charu Suri (@Butterflydiary) | March 29, 2012, 9:59 am

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