photo of the day: golden gate bridge.

Photo Courtesy: Union Street Inn

I’m posting this for a dear friend of mine, who  left San Francisco to spend time working in the Middle East. I miss her a lot. Hi, friend!

More often than not, when people think of San Francisco, California, they immediately think of the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t think this can be helped, seeing as how movies, TV shows, and documentaries filmed in  the Bay Area feature it prominently (think of the opening credits for “Full House”). Other may think of Rice A Roni and earthquakes.  For my part, I think of Ghirardelli Squares, Alcatraz, and Irish Coffee, but that’s to be expected, as I 1) am a huge nerd; and 2) love finding things to do and see in different cities. It’s a nice way to kill a lazy afternoon.



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