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it’s not goodbye, but see you in three seconds.

I’ll be honest. I started this blog in the hopes I would get to travel to far-flung places and document it for the masses, but that hasn’t happened, and my little “travel” blog has suffered the consequences. While my interest in travel hasn’t changed at all (in fact, it’s gotten stronger), my circumstances have. I got a proper job at a community college, and now work for a law firm.  It’s not the alt lifestyle I was trying to lead when I started Wanderlust (freelance writing only gets you so far), but it pays the bills and I like what I do. Plus, it allows me to save money for travel and other endeavors, which you can read about on my new personal blog,I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans. So, dear Wanderlusters, however few of you remain, if you want to keep up with me, check out the new blog. Wanderlust is going away…for now, but I will write about my interest in global travel, along with my interests in food, beauty, fitness,  and other assorted topics. The new blog won’t have the limits Wanderlust did, but the fun is still there, and I hope you, whoever you are, will stay with me for the ride. If not, I thank you for visiting this little blog, and bid you adieu. To everyone else, see ya on the new blog!



P.S. I’ve started going by my middle name, Elizabeth, in recent months, so don’t be confused by the fact that “Elizabeth” is posting.  There are just too many damn Jennifers in the world.





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