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it’s not goodbye, but see you in three seconds.

I’ll be honest. I started this blog in the hopes I would get to travel to far-flung places and document it for the masses, but that hasn’t happened, and my little “travel” blog has suffered the consequences. While my interest in travel hasn’t changed at all (in fact, it’s gotten stronger), my circumstances have. I … Continue reading

i’m still here.

 At last! She blogs! I know, I know, it’s been way too long, and to those of you who have been checking for   wanderlust-y entries and sexy giveaways, I sincerely apologize for my extended absence.  I have an annoying habit of taking on too much and not saying “no” when I should,  so the … Continue reading

how to suck the fun out of planning a trip.

Photo Courtesy: GPS Magazine I have a few trips coming up, and as much I love to travel, I’m finding that as I try to plan them, I get very overwhelmed and frustrated. I have no idea why this is happening, but it is. I’m going to Vegas with friends at the end of June, … Continue reading

travel note: sierra leone.

One of the most popular posts here on Wanderlu5t is my Photo of the Day featuring Sierra Leone. I’ve been meaning to write more about the human rights crisis in that country for some time, but always seem to be too busy to research and plan the entry as well as I would like. I’m … Continue reading

winner of creo care giveaway, blog news.

My apologies for not announcing this sooner. I spent the better part of last week trapped inside my house with spotty internet access, so my productivity was at a veritable standstill.   I’ve spent the last few days running errands and catching up on other boring things that would have been. Grrr. All thanks to … Continue reading

the weekender, part 2.

Considering that my super short weekend trip was cut even shorter before it had a chance to begin, I’m in pretty good spirits.   There is an often overlooked but ever-present travel reality that I forgot to mention in The Weekender , or perhaps subconsciously didn’t want to talk about. I’m of course talking about … Continue reading

the weekender.

My weekends are never long enough. Ever. Not even the occasional three-day weekends that certain holidays bring are long enough for me, and I’m sure that I’m not alone on this. Everyone wishes their weekends were longer, especially when there’s traveling involved. I’m spending the weekend in Tulsa with relatives, and as this is my … Continue reading

my travel goals for 2011.

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, as I, like most people, usually forget about them about a week after pledging to change something I pledged to change in years past. Most people tend to be unrealistic about them, and once the reality of this hits them, they give it up. I am not … Continue reading

these are a few of my favorite things, travel edition.

Oprah has her favorite things. So do I. We all have certain things, certain foods, places, and even people that enrich our lives and make us infinitely happy. Travel makes me happy. I love the thrill of discovering a new place, new foods, getting good deals on souvenirs, and finding new things that make traveling … Continue reading

pining for paris.

If my sudden interest in French films, politics, and the French language is any indication, I’d have to say that I’ve somehow reawakened my passion for France. It started in high school, when I took a year of basic French. As was not the case with my one Spanish class, my interest in France and … Continue reading


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